At Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd., we spend time to analyze each client’s business, goals and functions. The main focus remains on the client at all times. A team of professionals and experts having the expertise, skills and experience is gathered together to assess the various regulatory and industrial domains in which the client operates. This multi-disciplinary team then analyzes the complex issues uncovered and comes up with a seamless advice model for the client. Solutions to complex issues such as new business models, mergers, acquisitions, tax strategies, whether in India or external, are entirely based on the advice of this dedicated team. The objective is to innovate and develop out-of-the box solutions with a view to providing value enhancement for our clients.

The diverse nature of our clients’ needs challenges us to find the best solutions for each one of them. Our people adhere to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, quality and professionalism day in and day out, to provide clients with a broad array of services. For each member of our team, innovation and quality, in whatever we do, is our passion.


Our strength lies not only in our execution ability, accessibility and approachability for our clients but also in our attractive fee structures which provide better value for our clients.