The Praxity  Alliance

Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd. becomes first ever Indian Member firm of ‘Praxity’ – world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and Advisory firms.

Praxity has presence in 103 countries around the world, and is the world’s biggest alliance of independent accountancy firms having global revenue of $ 4.75 Billion. Praxity facilitates sharing of expertise among its participant firms, whereby expert advisors across Praxity alliance work together seamlessly in multidisciplinary teams across international borders to meet every client need. Praxity ensures that each of its member firms are highly rated by its peer and committed to ‘best in class’ service cultures.

Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd. with Praxity alliance will help you realize your global potential well beyond India’s borders. Through this alliance, an international network of like-minded, independent accounting firms, Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd. would be able to bring the world of business to you. Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd. participation in this alliance with Praxity will provide international experience, local market insights, strategic partnerships and regulatory guidance, wherever you do your business.

News-clips of leading newspapers and magazines proudly announcing our alliance with Praxity