We are delighted to present our joint report titled “Opportunities in the Food Processing Sector in Uttar Pradesh”, in collaboration with Assocham India. The report outlines the importance of the food processing industry and Uttar Pradesh State’s potential to harness the opportunities in the sector. According to the report, institutions, policies, and incentives need to be strengthened to foster collaboration across nutrition-relevant sectors (such as food processing, health, education, etc). Additionally, agricultural research investments need to be aligned with nutritional improvement and globalization of the food system, while focusing on sustainability. Furthermore, it advocates improving the infrastructure for processing, storage, and preservation, which will ensure better sustenance of nutritional values while reducing the postharvest losses.

The report also highlights challenges and way forward for the food processing industry, which prompted the development of specific programs for developing farm-level skills so that farmers could become more knowledgeable about the latest technology that will progressively encourage them to produce more.

The report was presented during National Conference on Food Processing sector, held in Varanasi wherein more than 200 eminent dignitaries from Ministry and Industry including Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon’ble Minister of State for Food Processing Industries and Jal Shakti, Govt. of India attended the conference.

You can access the report here :

Sharing a few glimpses of the event: