Over the last few years, digitalisation and technology have revolutionised our world and daily lives. With technological advancement, businesses have expanded their cross-border coverage without any physical presence at an unprecedented rate. The conventional tax systems have become obsolete and incapable of effectively taxing the digital economy largely due to its distinctive amorphous nature. Amidst the development in the OECD’s inclusive framework on BEPS, various countries have brought in unilateral measures like DST, SEP, indirect taxes to tax the fast-growing digital market.

We are thrilled to share our joint recorded webcast in association with Andersen where Brandon Nett, Managing Director, Andersen and Sandeep Jhunjhunwala, Partner, Nangia Andersen LLP have discussed the most recent developments in the US and Indian digital tax landscape and what it means for businesses operating in these countries.

View recorded webcast here: