Report on Significance of Food Fortification and Nutrition


Report on Significance of Food Fortification and Nutrition

About the Report:

Our report meticulously outlines the nutritional landscape of India, exploring the depth of current deficiencies and the vast potential that food fortification holds. It navigates through the intricacies of fortification methods, the overarching health and economic impacts, regulatory frameworks, and pivotal roles of community engagement and behaviour change.

Key Highlights of the report:

  1. Food fortification and its role in improving nutrition in India
  2. Nutritional deficiencies in India and their consequences
  3. The dual impact of food fortification on both the economy and public health
  4. Current regulations and policies controlling food fortification and future direction
  5. Finding problems with adding extra nutrients to food and solving them
  6. Strategies for Community Engagement and Behaviour Change

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