Forensic Advisory services

Reputation management with key stakeholders and regulatory authorities is vital in the best interest of business and organisational relationships and business continuity. The world is observing increasing incidences of business misdemeanours such as frauds, conflicts of interest, corporate code-of-con- duct violations, regulatory non-compliances, etc. This can lead to loss of reputation, erode organisa- tion value and enfeeble market confidence. This calls for effective monitoring, by both regulators as well as corporates apart from the internal and external stakeholders.

Our Forensic team comprising of Chartered Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, MBAs, Research Analysts, lawyers and other multi-disciplinary experts assist the Clients in the arena of prevention, detection and mitigation of due diligence, fraud-investigation, anti-fraud advisory, Forensic Dispute Resolution Advisory etc. which not only help set the action plan at the time of crisis but also help mitigating the risk of transgression.