“The core principle of CSR is giving back to society.” Nangia Andersen LLP believes that for-profit businesses have a social obligation to promote and empower society. We work with corporations and institutions to develop and implement strategic projects. We have a talented team of working professionals from various backgrounds, including sociologists, development experts, educators, nutritionists, environmentalists, academicians, and project managers, who collaborate to develop and offer clients novel solutions that are focused on impact and sustainability. We offer the following advising and Advisory services:

  • Assessment and alignment of CSR funds
  • Assistance in CSR investment options
  • Implementing and measuring the progress
  • Development of CSR governance and monitoring framework
  • Social return of investment studies

Team Nangia Andersen brings strong credentials in Advisory sectors. The leadership team has successful track record of conceptualizing, launching, and managing initiatives/ businesses that have proved to be path breaking. We have the resources and experience necessary to anticipate and competently serve our esteemed clients. We take pride in our ability to provide definite advisory with the shortest turnaround time.

  • Institutionalize process for creating knowledge base.
  • Case Studies on social change through academic institutes.
  • Strategy for Rationalizing CSR Outcomes.
  • Design for Social Return on Investment.
  • Promotion and display on social media handles.
  • Monitoring frameworks in alignment with SDG.
  • Evidence and research led through leadership.

The CSR implementation process as we believe should also be seen as an ongoing and never-ending process, rather than a strategy implementation with an evident beginning and ending. The key to a successful implementation is according to Raps (2005) an integrated view of the implementation process.

We strongly believe a market driven imperative is important to make the CSR strategy work and increasingly its alignment to the SDG targets

  • CSR Audit & GAP Analysis: 
  • CSR Strategy & Policy Formulation:
  • CSR Governance:
  • Baseline Assessment:
  • CSR Communication Mapping:
  • CSR Training:
  • Following ISO 26000 Standards:
  • Stakeholder Analysis:


“We believe in winners, and in this era of rapidly evolving technology, we must take bold steps and implement seamless execution measures.” Nangia Andersen LLP works hard to help our clients achieve their future digital goals, whether they are private or public. Our IT and industry professionals collaborate with the client to identify gaps, create, build, and upgrade disruptive new era digital approaches for their target clients. Our team is working on an end-to-end IT transformation framework on an integrated platform, which is supported by a cutting-edge Eco-system with tried-and-true technology partners. To supply our services, our IT staff of experts stays up to date on emerging innovative technology.

Our team stays up to date on the latest technology and assists in the development of the organization’s IT strategy to ensure future readiness. Our goal is to provide advice on e-governance solutions, including all smart applications connected to citizen-centric services. The proposed solutions are not only user-friendly, but they also provide security by paving the way for advanced technologies such as blockchain, analytics, and artificial intelligence supported by mobile applications. Furthermore, we work with the local government to establish Wi-Fi Centres for Gramme Panchayats, which have been envisioned as an effective tool for constructing digitally connected communities and the E Gram. Work experience at Nangia & Co. comprises the socioeconomic, financial, infrastructural, environmental sustainability, business, and financial services industries, among others. Our team has extensive experience working on high-value projects with major IT and management advisory firms like Microsoft, PwC, Deloitte, Capgemini, and E&Y. Our key offerings include:

  • Automation and digitising operations
  • ERP implementation Strategy and execution
  • Optimising software applications
  • Capacity building and implementation of e-Governance solutions
  • Digital transformation