“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”. Nangia Andersen LLP works in all areas of education, including early childhood, primary, secondary, senior secondary, higher, and technical education. We have a robust team of seasoned experts who are passionate about education and the skill sector. We offer advisory and Advisory services in the following areas of education and skill:

Our unique offering includes following services to clients.

  • Assist in drafting and upgradation of educational policies considering new education policy. 
  • Undertake as-is assessment of educational institutes w.r.t to its operational and functional working as against defined Govt. and private regulations. 
  • Assist in teaching and learning pedagogy development and large-scale capacity building of teaching and other administrative staff of public and private sector.  
  • Help in upgradation of curriculum, course and teaching content from KG to PG. 
  • Assist is Teaching Pedagogy Development and large-scale training of teachers. 
  • Undertake as-is-assessment of IT and digital infrastructure across primary and secondary schools of the state. 
  • Best practice study of IT and Digital infrastructure rolled out in different Educational bodies. 
  • Implementation of LMIS in Schools and Educational bodies. 
  • Globally Tested and tried processes for system orientation with clear role & responsibility matrix.

Developing government schools as centers of excellence in the public education system and are led by motivated public educators. We work with the teachers right from orientation to time to time upskilling and trainings as required by the department.

Our Services in this sphere include