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  • M Tech in Telecommunication Systems, IIT, Kharagpur India
  • B.E. in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • B.I.E.T. Jhansi, Bachelor of Engineering
Areas of specialization
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IT Security
  • Risk Advisory

Amit Dubey

Amit Dubey is a highly accomplished Cyber Security Expert with a strong background in big data analytics. His expertise and achievements have solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in the field.

In 2017, he was honoured as a British Chevening Commonwealth Fellow, undergoing Leadership Training at the esteemed Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham Defence Academy in the United Kingdom. This experience enhanced his leadership skills and expanded his knowledge in the realm of cyber security. Mr. Dubey influence extends beyond academia, as he was invited by the Indian Parliament on February 4th, 2020, to consult the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Empowerment of Women regarding Cyber Safety and Security of Women. His insights and guidance have played a crucial role in shaping policies and initiatives in this domain.

Renowned for his expertise, Mr. Dubey is frequently quoted in reputable news and print media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, India Today, and NDTV. His contributions to the field have garnered recognition and respect from industry professionals and the public alike. With a wealth of practical experience, Mr. Dubey has served as a resource person and visiting faculty member for various law enforcement agencies since 2014. Institutions such as the National Investigation Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, and National Police Academy have sought his guidance and expertise in cyber security and ethical hacking. Additionally, Mr. Dubey has collaborated with the Bureau of Police Research & Development, National Institute of Smart Governance, and various State Police Departments of the Government of India.

In 2019, he was appointed as a Advisory Advisor to the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, where he works closely with senior bureaucrats and government officials. His invaluable insights and recommendations contribute to the formulation of effective strategies in the realm of cyber security. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is also an accomplished entrepreneur. He built and successfully sold Heuristics Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., a million-dollar business that offered a cloud-based SaaS platform. This venture earned recognition and was highlighted by Forbes India. Throughout his career, he has investigated over 350 cybercrime cases using his exceptional data analytics capabilities. By analyzing financial data, social media activity logs, and other relevant information, he has been instrumental in identifying and combating cyber threats. Recognized as a trusted authority, he has conducted numerous workshops, training over 70,000 police officers. His workshops encompass various critical topics such as Cyber Crime Investigation, Dark Web and Cryptocurrency Crimes, Crime Investigation through Social Media Analytics, and Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Criminal Investigation, specifically focusing on Money Laundering.

Amit holds the esteemed position of Chief Mentor at Root64 Infosec Research Foundation, an organization actively engaged in promoting awareness and conducting training programs in the field of cyber security. In his quest to raise awareness, Amit hosted a captivating radio show called ‘RedFM Hidden Files.’ Through this show, he shared intriguing insights and real-life stories, shedding light on various cybercrime cases. Amit’s ability to engage and inform the audience had made the show a remarkable platform for educating the public about the importance of cyber security.

Amit’s passion for sharing knowledge extends beyond broadcasting. He has authored two captivating books titled ‘Hidden Files’ and ‘Return of The Trojan Horse.’ These books delve into some of his most thrilling and noteworthy crime cases, providing readers with a fascinating glimpse into his successful investigations.