Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd.

Asif Balasinor

Asif is a Manager at Nangia Andersen LLP. and is located in Mumbai. He has more than 8 years of experience primarily in Banking, Financial services, Energy, BPO, Software development firms, IT firms and Pharmacy sectors
Asif has responsibly reported a number of security vulnerabilities to recognized organizations such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, U.S Department of Defense, Udemy, Airbnb etc. He has also been recognized as the Top 10 researchers by Paypal. He has presented a talk on SSL/TLS attacks in Null Mumbai Chapter.
He has conducted Application Security Assessments and Vulnerability Assessments for a number of IT firms. He has managed and executed projects like Vendor Risk Assessment, Application Security Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing, Red Team assessments and adversary simulation exercises, ITGC audit, Source Code Review, Secure Configuration Review as per standard security benchmarks such as CIS as well as product specific baselines, Cloud Security Assessment, Policy and Procedure Review, DevSecOps and Vendor Risk Assessment.