Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Delhi University
  • Masters in HR- NIHRD
  • PGD – Marketing Management

Poonam Kaura

Poonam Kaura currently leads Government business with the firm in Noida. She is a Delhi University graduate with Masters in HR and PG in Marketing Management.

A Corporate Professional with rich experience of more than 20 years in Government business. With her acumen for entrepreneurial mind-set, she has successfully created the intellectual capital and defined the methodology required to develop the practice for business development in the public sector. She is a Fast track professional Successful in Government Business & Project Management in the current Digital India environment.

She has worked with Indian corporates like RPG, iBilt,, SPML Infra & global companies – Sysorex Inc, Microsoft & PwC. She has experience of working with Governments and Corporations in US, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) & Germany on   international business.

Poonam is actively involved in social initiatives in the rural India related to youth empowerment and Women & child healthcare. She is the National Advisor for an NGO “YUVA…a movement”